Sometimes replacing things is more economical, sometimes its preferential but replacing things isn’t always necessary. In the not so distant past people repaired things, parts were readily available. Some major company’s today are fighting the right to repair. Which are companies I will no longer patronize

My grandparent’s kept things for years. There was never any talk in their house of replacing the aged stove or the even older heater. Our family always drove old cars and fixed things when they broke. At some point I lost this trait and gave into the norm of replacement over repair and I’ve bought two new cars since graduating college.

Recently something changed. I’m not sure if it had something to do with living on a tighter income or just an increased awareness of the waste around me. Tie that to an appreciation for old things and you have the perfect storm for repair over replace.

Giving something a second chance gives you a sense of accomplishment and contentment knowing it won’t end up in the junk heap like so many other wasted things. It is also better for your wallet to repair things (most of the time). Recently repairing my broken leaf blower for 26 bucks or my bathroom faucet for less than that. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by spending a little time on research and parts and repairs. 

The issue in 2018 is the availability of replacement parts and diagrams. With companies manufacturing for total replacement or if something can be fixed not supplying end users with parts it jeopardizes our ability to be self reliant and fix things ourselves. While manufactures can’t be expected to support old products for eternity they should not hinder the after market’s ability to support products long after their end of life designation.

I will continue to explore every opportunity to repair something over replacing it and I hope more people will begin to realize once again that items can far outlive the manufactures warranty and begin to repair things using the resources available both online and in your community.