The one thing I’ve had the most trouble with since I bought my house is prioritizing projects. My mother would say, “You have to live there for a while”. The problem with that idea is that the longer I live in this house, the more projects I seem to find. Just when I thought I had a clear priority a new full bathroom to be built down in the basement, everything shifted with the purchase of a second-hand Viking stove.

Let me start off by saying I’m a deal hunter. I love to find the latest deals. My morning routine usually consists of at least a few minutes scanning Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for anything from vehicles to household stuff. That’s how I ended up with the stove kitchen dreams are made of.


This beautiful behemoth of a stove threw my whole prioritization plan right out the window. Now that I have two stoves crammed just feet apart into a kitchen that needs of a major renovation, the kitchen moves to the top of the list if I want it to or not.

I guess that’s one way to prioritize!