This weekend when It started raining in my kitchen. Come to find out the 60+ year old shower valve set had started to leak from the stem seals and running back down into the wall and through hole next to the electrical box in the ceiling. Thankfully I caught it as soon as it started so no damage to the ceiling was done. In the next few minute’s I called some friends and ordered a new valve set off of amazon. One friend and trusted advisor talked me through the disassembly of the solid brass valves. Over the next 24 hour’s with the help of another friend I was able to repair the damaged brass threads and repack the valve with fresh packing. All in it was about a six dollar fix. 

I’m Lucky to have such good friends. The plumbing supply store told me i should replace the hole valve set and google was at a loss for how to repair this particular type of valve. If it weren’t for the knowledge and help from my friends I’d be showering at my parent’s house for a week or more. 

Why replace an entire valve set when the one you have can be repaired? Or anything else for that matter.  Why replace something that can be fixed? 

I was fortunate in this situation what I had could be repaired and repaired cheaply. But It made me think about how we think about the things around us today. I’ve thought about it in passing over the years but not for any length of time or long enough to come to any conclusion.

Over the past few days i’ve had the opportunity to step back and think about this and this doesn’t necessarily always apply. There are a number of reasons and arguments to be made to the contrary and not everything can be fixed or fixed economically. I’ll write more about that in another post.