When budget is key, collecting affordable pieces for a project can be time consuming and take up a lot of space.

In my kitchen, after deciding to re-use the old metal cabinets and change the layout very little, I began collecting pieces from salvage places, clearance sales and as a last resort paying full price.

If you’re interested and have the time and space. Places such as Habitat for Humanity’s Restore locations can be gold mines for finding discount building materials and house parts. These places can be very hit or miss. Countless time’s I’ve stopped in to come home with nothing but finding a kitchen sink you like, brand new for $17 is worth all the other disappointing trips.

Being that it was my first time tiling, I decided to go with a readily available tile. If i screwed up on my calculating or broke to many tiles, all i would have to do is go back to the home improvement store and get more tiles.

I’ve also had a run of luck with clearance thing’s at home improvement stores. Always a good place to check